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  • Quality
  • Health and Safety At Work
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Information Security
  • To ensure that customers' orders are always available within the agreed time frame.
  • To reduce costs by always reducing production error rates.
  • To continuously improve the functioning of our operations.
  • To be in the knowledge and ability required by our activities as all employees.
  • To work with the belief that achieving success in our activities can also be achieved thanks to superior motivation in full coordination with the understanding of solidarity.
  • To work in a sensitive way to the environment and human health.
  • Customer-oriented to spread the entire organization through effective communication.
  • To spread the culture of innovation to offer new products to our customers and to increase our turnover.
  • To increase our competitiveness by making continuous productivity and cost oriented projects and improvements in all our processes.
  • To identify and systematically manage risks and produce ““ccident-Free Parts”
  • To promote a sustainable safety culture shaped by the participation and ideas of all our employees.
  • To implement and maintain the Safety Management System for the prevention of industrial accidents caused by processes and hazardous materials, which may result in significant production and job loss.
  • To implement environmental technologies as a result of technical, economic and commercial evaluations from the perspective of life cycle and sustainable development, to use our natural resources effectively and efficiently and to protect biodiversity.
  • To reduce waste at source, improve our recovery methods and promote recovery.
  • To inform and raise awareness among our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, society and the state, through an open communication about Tepsan's view of the environment, its practices and results.
  • To implement technological innovations that increase energy efficiency.
  • For maximum utilization of released by-product gases and waste heat.
  • Systematic measurement and monitoring to minimize energy losses.
  • Our employees; to raise awareness that corporate information produced, monitored and shared is a value.
  • To identify corporate information assets and information processing environments, manage risks systematically and take measures to address security vulnerabilities, provide effective controls on information assets, and define the roles and responsibilities required within this context.
  • To consider, evaluate and ensure the information security requirements of our stakeholders with whom we exchange information.


Firmamız 1978 yılında Tepsan Makina Döküm ve Model San. Tic. ismi altında makine modelleri ve alüminyum, bronz döküm imali konusunda faaliyete başlamış, 1988 yılında talaşlı imalat kısmını devreye almıştır. Tepsan, "Makina Yedek Parça" imalatı yaparak faaliyetine devam etmektedir.


Tepsan; başta Demiryolu Katener Sistemleri, Şehir İçi Raylı Sistemleri, Lokomotif-Vagon ve Yük Vagonu Parçaları, Kumlama Makineleri Yedek Parçaları, Atıksu Arıtma Tesis Ekipmanları, Demir-Çelik, Çimento, Gübre, Gıda, Petro Kimya, Madencilik, Vana & Pompa, Otomotiv ve Genel Makine Sanayii olmak üzere çeşitli kuruluşların yedek parça ihtiyacını istenilen kalite ve fiyatla sunmaktadır.


Tepsan Makina Döküm & Model Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti.

  • +90 (216) 378 60 61 - 378 24 86
  • Ramazanoğlu Mah. Kaynarca Cad. No:37 Pendik - İSTANBUL
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